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“LOAN MONEY” a brand for sales of new product services.

M/S KARIOXFinance Limited. , a registered partnership firm with fully compliant with Service Tax, Income Tax, and others legal bodies and process controlled firm.

We are authorized Direct Selling Agents of various National , We accept Payment by all National and Multi National Banks

Multinational Banks : Barclays Finance, Deutsche bank, Standard Chartered, HSBC

Indian Private Banks: HDFC bank, ICICI bank

We are doing the finance since 25 years in the community in india as well as united states of america ans as well as in united kingdom & canada funders and we did very hard efforts in this financing field and now we get ready for the indian peoples for granting the loan @2% per annum scheme loan for the tenure of 1 year to 25 yearsperiod and e.m.i mode will bemonthly/quaterly/half-yearly/anually so get contact with our company case managers; we are making this 2% per annum under the n.r.i funders agreement with the company and we are the registered menber of the non banking fund corporation and registered with the reserve bank of india in 1987 and now we are taking a huge action regarding the peoples needs 

So that’s why now we are providing the loans @2% per annum scheme to the indian peoples and including nepal also so all the indians is having a great oppurtunity for getting the funds @2% per annum scheme so don’t get 

late and get applied for the loans for your requiring years and hence we stated that we do have our legal cell department for verifying your all the documents and even we are providing the applicant’s status in 24 working hours and afterthen will do our legal formalities as well as technical things which relates to you for giving you the funding under the 2% per annum scheme and we proud to sy that we will serve you better things then the other financinal institutions so get ready for applying the lowest rate of interest @2% per annum scheme ; we do have very strong agreement with our n.r.i investors regarding providing the loan to our company loan applicant @2% per annum scheme; in india we have  our company branch which are located in (rajasthan) ; all your case managers will attend you very sincerely and very securely into the loan money matter so if your case managers will attend you then be sincerely understand them regarding your loan application file under the 2% per annum scheme so apply today if you require the loan under the 2% per annum scheme.

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I am Very Satisfied with the KARIOX Finance Limited. Services. I got Instant loan for my study in Europe.
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